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Our Scientists

You came to the right place.

Our team of scientists and researchers are here to cater your needs in order to create your own brand range. With years of experience, we invite you to join us in the green cleaning revolution.
ירון שריג

Yaron Sarig

Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Economics from the College of Management. Certificate studies in Communication and Administration from Tel Aviv University. Has extensive experience in the fields of management, marketing management and sales. Yaron started his carrier at Rotal Group in 1992, and serves as GLG CEO since 2020.

Meir Tal

Bachelor's degree in Science , Chemical Engineering from The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Holds a Master of Business Administration from Anglia Ruskin University , Cambridge U.K. Internship at Loctite Henkel Laboratories in Dublin Ireland. Conducted a Research in the field of Physical Chemistry. Owns a Diploma in Tribology from OKS. Expert in the field of Materials engineering. Entrepreneur in the field of Sustainability. Innovator of environmental friendly green products. Initiator of smart scensing system in the control and measurement field. Meir started his carrier at Rotal Group in 2000, and serves as its CEO since 2003 & as the president of Rotal Group since 2013.
מאיר טל

Tammie Tal

Chief Technical Officer
Bachelor and Master of Science (B.Sc. and M.Sc.) in Chemistry, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Specializing in material chemistry and nanotechnology, with a subspecialization in biomedical polymers. Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Ariel University. Specializing in management and organizational behaviour. Has extensive knowledge and training in the field of chemical regulation, with a focus on toxicology and environmental toxicology. Tammie started her career at GLG in 2016 and has served as its CCP since 2019.
תמי טל

Dr. Sivan Lilienthal

Chief Chemist
An experienced chemical and biomedical research and development doctor of materials chemistry. A BioMed MBA at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Specializes in drug delivery systems and DNA nanostructures. Well-experienced in protein purification and characterization for drug delivery systems and alternative proteins. 12 years of experience in medical research and DNA nanotechnology applications, including patent writing; 3 years of experience in product R&D on various platforms; and 7 years of teaching in universities and colleges. 3 years of experience in the healthcare ecosystem. business development. I am highly motivated, a quick self-learner, and a team player eager to work and contribute as an integral part of a team. I am looking to integrate into the biomedical and tech industries to express my expertise and interpersonal skills.

Yaron Kaplan

Chif Marketing & Business Development Officer (cmbdo)
Yaron is a marketing expert with an extensive knowledge in creating branding, strategies, sales and business plans for B2B & B2C oriented businesses. Yaron owns a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the College of Management and holds a Master of Laws Diploma from Bar-Ilan University. Yaron started his carrier at GLG in 2021, and serves as its Marketing Director & Head of Customer relations Dep.
גולן אביעד

Golan Aviad

Production manager
Golan is in charge of all goods and services to be produced safely and on time so they meet the required quality standards. Coordinates and controls manufacturing processes so that products are delivered on time and within budget to all of GLG's worldwide partners. Golan started his career at Rotal Group in 2005 as warehouse manager working his way up to GLG's production manager role from 2018 till today thus acquired the necessary skills that enables him to perform this highly complex role.